The POD® (Preventive Oral Device®)

The POD® is a US and Internationally patented night guard worn during sleep to prevent tooth damage caused by clenching and grinding. The POD® can help treat TMJ related jaw pain, headaches, and facial pain.

Worn during sleep, the device serves to protect the teeth and restorations from the destructive forces of bruxism and will help to alleviate the associated pain and headaches. By having the dental arches discluded, excessive wear of the teeth caused by clenching and grinding is reduced. The disocclusion of the jaw reduces muscle tension to help reduce jaw pain, facial pain, and headaches.

The POD® is:

  • Custom made for you for a precise fit.
  • Made from high quality, biocompatibility tested material.
  • Allows full range of mouth movement so you can open and close your mouth, as well as talk, drink water, and yawn while wearing the splint.
  • Covered by some Insurance plans.

CBCT Scans

Without The POD®️, all teeth contact and the airway has (yellow) constrictions.
With The POD®️, the teeth do not contact, and the airway is enlarged.

For additional information, call Dr. Eric at 631.288.4422 or visit the Preventive Oral Device website.

Indications for use
The POD® is for the amelioration of clenching and bruxing associated with TMD and is to be used to aid in the relief of symptoms of TMD/TMJ.

Device is contraindicated for patients who:

  • Have complete dentures or an insufficient number of lower teeth to retain the appliance.
  • Have loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease.
  • Currently wear a mandibular advancement device at night for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Caution Only
Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a Dentist.