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Westhampton Dental is a family cosmetic and general dentistry practice that uses advanced dental technologies and laser treatments to provide a modern and overall pleasant dental experience for its patients.

Dr. Eric Christensen and Debbie Tria


The needs of our patients are and always have been a top priority. We are a team of professionals educating people on what their options are for getting healthy again. We realize that people have many options in our community and that national, corporate dental offices are popping up. Westhampton Dental, however, is providing our friends and neighbors with a locally owned, hometown choice that offers a variety of technologically advanced services in a truly caring atmosphere.

Westhampton Dental is continually adding to its comprehensive list of general and advanced dental procedures including a full line of cosmetic services, bridges, crowns, INVISALIGN® ORTHODONTICS, implant restoration, and regular dental cleanings.

Through vast continuing education classes, Dr. Eric stays up-to-date on dental health and technology advancements in the field. He has been laser certified since 2010 and has advanced that certification in 2013 and 2015 through Fotona and the Lightwalker System. Each year he takes many courses to expand his skills and provide his patients with the most up-to-date procedures available. Our Lightwalker™ AT laser procedures often eliminate the need for a drill and injection. We use the Lightwalker™ to assist with root canals and gum surgery as well as less involved procedures.

In addition to continual education on advanced laser dentistry, Dr. Eric is proud to use The POD®, the forward-thinking oral appliance to assist his patients in migraine headache relief, pain associated with TMJ dysfunction, and ultimately airway health. If you are not breathing well, you are not living well.

We’re really excited to be the first in the Hamptons to offer Nightlase™. Nightlase™ can treat breathing difficulties such as snoring. It is a non-invasive and practically painless way to improve the quality of our patient’s sleep at night. If you are sleeping well, then you are living well.

By being the first practice in the area to offer such state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, Dr. Eric Christensen continues to elevate his patients’ dental experience. There simply aren’t that many dental offices in the world that have the technologies, knowledge, and skills that we do right here in Westhampton.

Dr. Eric is also a member of The Foundation for Airway Health (FAH). The Mission of The FAH is to help the public realize their maximum potential by championing the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of airway-related disorders through collaboration, awareness, research, education, and access to care.

Dr. Eric also treats patients through Donated Dental Services, a national volunteer agency that provides no-charge dental care to those in our community in need.

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