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Our goal here at Westhampton Dental is to educate our patients on how to develop excellent oral hygiene at home. 



Our goal here at Westhampton Dental is to educate our patients on how to develop excellent oral hygiene at home. Routine check-ups can help you to avoid dental problems that may develop or be worsened by lack of basic preventive care.

Plaque (bacteria) causes both tooth decay and periodontal disease. Plaque is the white/yellow bacterial coating that adheres to tooth surfaces and it is constantly forming. Good oral hygiene will keep this bacteria at manageable levels so that tooth decay and periodontal disease can be prevented.

During your routine oral hygiene visit, plaque is thoroughly removed from teeth both above and below the gum line. We pride ourselves in educating our patients about proper oral and periodontal care and the best ways to prevent tooth decay (cavities) and periodontal disease (gum disease). Westhampton Dental’s goal is to help you maintain a happy, healthy, mouth for years to come.


Statistics show a significant reduction in radiation exposure when dentists convert from film to digital X-rays. Depending upon the type of film used, radiation exposure can be reduced by as much as 90 percent by switching from film to digital. Digital radiography reduces the overall amount of radiation used and results in a better image that Dr. Eric Christensen can use to diagnose any potential issues. Digital Radiography is an essential part of any dental care treatment plan. They are diagnostic, but they can also be preventative, by helping a dentist diagnose potential oral care issues in a patient’s mouth before they become a major problem.


Intraoral X-rays are the most common type of radiograph taken in dentistry. They give a high level of detail of the tooth, bone and supporting tissues of the mouth. These X-rays allow Dr. Eric Christensen to:

  • Find cavities

  • Look at the tooth roots

  • Check the health of the bony area around the tooth

  • Determine if periodontal disease is an oral care issue

  • See the status of developing teeth

  • Otherwise, monitor good tooth health through prevention

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